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Getting Started With
The Customizer Assistant




Our Customizer Assistant is a great, simple tool. It helps you to request different variations of  your favorite models and customize them into a hand-crafted jewel that perfectly fits your style and dimensions.

In this page we’ll help you getting along with the Customizer. Before we begin, here’s some information you should take in count:

– The jewel’s delivery time will be different than usual (Usual = Shipping within 3 business days). Since we take care of many orders at the same time AND putting the time and effort into crafting a new jewel especially for you, we’re commit to ship you the jewel within 10 business days.
 Just to make clear, item will be sent to shipment in the maximum of 10 days. The arrival time depends on the type of shipping you have chosen.

– Price may vary (higher or lower) from the prices on the store. It is mostly depends on requested length of the jewel.


How to use the tool: 

  • Step 1: Open the Customizer Assistant.
  • Step 2: A simple form will open. Fill all “required” fields as
    explained in the picture below:
  • Step2


  • Step 3: When your’e done, click “Send”.


  • Step 4: You’re good to go! We’ll reply you back in 24 hours with a price quote, and estimated supply time.