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Explore, Shop & Checkout Guide




Here’s a quick 5-step tutorial on how to shop our store:


Step 1: In the menu, press the “SHOP” button.


Step 2:  If you wish to find further information about the jewel, click on the models name or press the ‘+’ button to add the item immediately to your cart.


Note: You can also add the item from it’s product page, by clicking ‘add to cart’ button.


Step 3: You’ll then have the ability to view your cart, or instantly checkout through PayPal’s payment method.


Step 4: Press the checkout button when you done shopping. A new window will open. Enter your billing address as shown below, And write down your order notes if there’s any. When you finished, Click ‘PROCEED TO PAYPAL’.


Step 5: Login to your PayPal account OR make a one-time checkout with your credit card. There’s no need to mention this process is completely safe.



We do our best to keep your buying experience smooth and fun. If you still bumped into any problems during the process, Please contact us HERE.
Thank you for shopping with us,
Franski Team.